My pain for thee balm in my sight resembles 

Thy face’s beam the clear moonlight resembles. 
Thy black hair spread across they cheeks, the roses 
O Liege, the garden’s basil quite resembles. 
Beside thy lip oped wide its mouth, the rosebud; 
For shame it blushed, it blood outright resembles. 
Thy mouth, a casket fair of pearls and rubies, 
Thy teeth, pearls, thy lip coral bright resembles. 
Their diver I, each morning and each even; 
My weeping, Liege, the ocean’s might resembles. 
Lest he seduce thee, this my dread and terror, 
That rival who Iblis in spite resembles. 
Around the taper bright, thy cheek, Muhibbi 
Turns and the moth in his sad plight resembles. 

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (r. 1520-1566) 

He composed this poem for Roxelana