The oceans are not free. The underexplored and untouched by emotion. It looks up to the sky, mirroring the deep to appear as a full moon lit canopy.  So many don’t think about how really its trapped, enslaved and not by chains, but by ignorance by the very offspring it helped to create. Much of it is abused, taken advantage of because of its massive reach around the world.

Containing secrets that no one really seems to care about, much underexplored, only to hurt the vast amount of life it cant protect on its own. 

Poison, in the form of refuse and political disputes, energy wells, cargo ships, whalers, overfishing, and the Navys ever popular jettisons. Knowing and understanding how pivotal these waters are to live.

Damaged, unfit for sea life, days are numbered for those who don’t see or care about this caged element that suffers everyday, and eventually and suddenly it will take its revenge.

It was there to birth us and it will be there for our demise. You can only beat a dog so many times before it bears its teeth. Snapping, snarling and rebellious waves waits and as each day passes, that if nothing starts to love and care for the ignored. Ice from its heart will melt, and make all coasts rise, populations of animanls will go extint, and it begins with no warning. It might just kill us all. 

So, be kind. Have a passion for living. Stop the ignorance and take back the harm by giving health, for humanity. For we all are not the only intelligence that suffers.