You never know what kind of situations you can end up in when you decide to just up and walk out the door without it hitting you in the ass. All the places ive lived, Ozarks in Arkansas, Texarkana Texas, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Missouri, Chicago, San Deigo, Memphis, and one special place that I came to called Phoenix. I had just a real nice fella on the computer and I told him I was worried about being in a bad place. He offered to bring me to Phoenix, and I said “Hell yeah.” All I had  on me  were my id (paperone from TN), birth certificate, and ss card. When he picked me up, yes I guess you could say I was homeless,  just trying to at least stay outta the south. I had been in trouble there a few times and it wasn’t good for me to go back. But this guy came and we took a long trip thrrough these mezmorizing mountain cliffs to the desert and canyons. It was so beautiful. He was interesting as I bewildered him into trying to figure me out. But we got to his place and it looked as if he had just moved in, so I told him I would help straighten his home up and so i did. Then one of the next mornings, he said he needed more of his clothes done, so I told him I would go though the drawers and launder his things. 

Now, I didnt have the greatest upbringing, so that leaves me vulnerable to a person who had.  I wasnt one to steal or pry, but something was differnent about him. He said he was a city boy, and I knew we were probably as far apart in this world as we could be. But why not, I needed a freind, and by the looks of it, so did he. 

So, after he left for work that day, I started pulling out his clothes from the drawers, but it had a really nice pair of shoes. Black, Nikes, not a speck of dirt on them. On my feet were boots that were so  worn down you could see my socks, and I hadent even n a new pair of shoes in a long time. 

But the next drawer, had another pair, and another and another till I had about 8 pairs of really nice shoes! Plus all his silk shorts, and 100$ shirts. And all of his clothes had no show of wear on them. It was quite a moment for me realizing he wasnt your average person. But like I said, I was lucky to have such a freind in that time of need. No matter who he really was. I didnt even want to know. I was happy that I was safe.

He took me so that I could buy my own shoes, since mine were garbage food, I begain to feel bad, since I was such a vagabond, alone, but that night when I took out my new shoes to try on, slipping them on, the soles of my feet sunk into the midnight blue colored clouds of mercy. A prayer was anwsered. I had a feeling like I had just found what people call satisfaction.  I doubt you might read this and think I am poor white trash, that may be. But that day, I had felt what love was ment to feel like. It was all I needed to restart. To walk back to life.