Dine with me Judge, you I have to offer. My sins are great, and I can sin bigger. I belive you owe me, but I can’t let it go. Here, i’d like to offer you my greatest success. I love to cook, and prepared you well I did. The whole feast, just from me.
First they say that a beautiful black robe you have on was made with my souled soul. Secretly you don’t know what horror it took to make it, wrapped up in gold stolen woes, i’m a sinner not a martr. Does it matter in ways that a man understands, or approach with a quick gun quicken end.

First we have fish, caught recently. See how its rapidly breathing? Hes still alive, “cut him here”, I say to the half mortifyed intruder, “the cheek is the best part”, but shys at that bloodly peice I parted.

Next caviar, then pate, it comes from the kitchen of inmates cold sores. Eggs from some poor poisened spawn. Finish it off with a liver bloated mom.

Final course, i’ll serve last to you, would you like to take a look at the screwed you brew? Salamander steak, not for you, only the most insane of bulls meat will due, gall bladder beef stew. I am not the beast that stands on your back porch, or am I lying to myself again.

Yet heres the dessert dont forget too, cherries, whip cream and my dreams, masked crude by you. But the taste yet to sweet but made from stitces and glue, my blood, sweat, and anger all dipped in “sue you” .

Heres the coffie all black like you. Yes i’m a “*igger, how about it, I’m far away from anyone like you. How will you repair the priceless gift you could of been enjoying too.