More than one.

They said there were two. 

But it was alot, several personalitys race through me at one time it seemed like. Unknown to you a gift of real jelousy awaits. Secrets i’d die to know. How do you think you saw me, so much I don’t know. However I can’t forget little unmeaningful mistakes. I want to call it a stalemate, but I overjoyed because I overcomed. 

So who’s turn is it now, my winning horse is now strong enough to run the full race.  I try to hold this hateful bully back, but you did ruin a freindship that you shouldn’t of. My freinds are few, and losing any means certain lonely days. Hard days. 

I turned respect for you to hate, a joke in the game, controlling the situation, and forgetting the now, there will not be any peace for me . but you wont lose sleep, . For I have to forget it was a part of my life. I see oeace in my Future, you dirty dried up cows.