Some, more who alot of americans have the ambiton to make for themselfves a decent life.  First there are parents who if they are in a susscessful relationships get marrited and start a homelife to raise kids who wil intern will learn there certain habbits like for instance, learning and being a socialble person , enough to carry on a conversation that eventually leads to imagingng of a kind of timelife and support system. Like a simple math equation for beginning of their birth to the end of their future.  Now you take away members of the imediate family or move where there is no known social circles, life begins to fray.

        Future bonds starts decaying some push themselves to make sure this happens, in order to provide a good enviroment, but factor in depression, sickness, povery, and you can begin to understand why there is a demand  to know what was never, and what will be. Despair, adoptions, even people who win the lottery, have a certain “shock value” in the race to sustain no vulnerability. so what is it to be average, or above, the feeling you get when you only change a luck of the draw,  silver lining or the even thought of meeting and discovering that there are instances of priledge but not acheved with sublevel living  instability. Knowlege of never ending setbacks, or illness or purley a rotten seed from a rotten carcas. So many ways so many paths one can encounter, but not nessisaily the norm. 

           Protective the deprived become over the sudden discovery of “knowing”an imporverised and upscale life, ever seeking the hopeful setting. But is that the same for the oppisite point of view? I belive its still the two ends of a magnet that fit well. 

        Some only know the bad, the dangers, the darkness. Some only know the good the pride, the shine. Thats just a taste of life, as i see a new view. Confused of where im going, but positive ill have a better future.