I never really liked oranges. Sometimes luck would have it, I might end up with one that’s kinda dry, Or its just not ripe enough, or have a bug in it, it was getting me quite grumpy. I didn’t even like the taste of orange candy when I was little, it grossed me out. Now, I love fruit, dont get me wrong, I love the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables too. 

     After all these years, cause of reasons, , I got tired of living in the south. So, I decided to head west In search of soft avocados and the layed back California  lifestyle that would be were I would be always good and healthy. I went through something bad though, right when I arrived, more than half this country I came across, to live far from my troubles, my past. At first I was told I would be living about a mile from the sea. However something kept me from going out everyday, I kept asking, passing it, week after week. I got very sick, nothing but scraps not anything to drink. My stomach craved nourishment every second I got more weak. So sick tired scared and lonely were those days I lost my inner peace. So I looked at all I had left from a guy who conned me, selling my preciosos things.  Not anything not even go back cause it would haunt me like the pictures of the sea.  I realized no one show me, all that way, no sand for me. I had been there a month, just a mile from my goal,I was so upset I started calling out a message, “Come get me,  I need to leave here so I can maybe breath.” My nose how it burned from arriving this close to the pacific shore. Where I was originally had come from, was the Ozarks , where fresh mountain air doesn’t burn. Now Palm trees bellowed out pure paradise like it was mocking me. It’s like my Spirit lost , finding thoughts of the Elegant wind blowing softly against my cheek. Out of nowhere came a gentleman, awnsering my request. And then from his mouth  said “Its a long way but I’ll come and see you, get you outta that death trap and those people who don’t care for you. If it kills you, I can’t bear  you  to end up dead.” So this all started out, took hours as I waited for any word if he would show. I began thinking bad thoughts, getting sullen,very low. Thinking maybe I’m done for, My pride it had blackened, this foolish girl was dirty, I had scuffed up shoes.  and hated. I was blackened. Not good for any man to approve with a caring eye I’m nothing but a run down stupid clown.. Would he really come get me, as promised, and I thought of how I’ve waited through long days without being  told , “I’ll take care of you, love you honey.””your never gonna be cold.”As I had finnaly gave up, I looked up from this frown. Wait a minute , There is, he passed me,  I see him,  he’s here , oh finally. This man kept his promise. And as I first sat beside him and looked at him with ease, and there was something about him, the way he  looked as sharp near his ear. He looked like a freshly groomed kick ass cool dude.  I looked at this guy and  told him what happened.and I asked him then, I said ,”Please let me tell everyone I’m not dead.”My loved ones told him   thank you as my eyes held  back tears. You see I am not the one who can say, ” Hey, I’m not hurt ,I’m suffering, I to have fear.” We then started talking and strange thing I saw. The song he was listening to, I had wrote down on my blog.  He was clean, he looked polished, not one single speck of dirt. No hate or bad situations this man somehow never went through, that was good though, had nothing but freedom and sweet memories to talk to me about on this new route going anywhere, far sure. But looking at him as he looked at me. “Would you like to get outta here, go back all the way to my home , you’ll be able to sleep. And I’ll make sure you get the things you might need. ”

       So we left as the sun rose, on a different journey with a path way off course. Blue was his shirt, and it reminded me thoughts  of the wasted trip I had. The whole month, I was there, now I’m leaving, never saw it , I was never able to go there. I thought what a mistake but omg look here. . I had traveled far, now I sat gazing , amazed at this  extremely bright 

intelligent , way far beyond any kind of nice I’ve ever known kinda great  looking man. Men weren’t like that where I am from, mostly rednecks and perverts, all drunk, in fights hitting whoever, gender no matter. This however was the first nice  gentle dude, first one I met.  For now just enjoy the drive and his excellent manners. I had been around lots of states, not any this beautiful , here riding in these  seats  for us two.. We got all the way back many miles traveled through , mountains that made my view of this earth a little more magestic, extremely misunderstood. Before pulling up we stopped, he said , I’ll get you these oranges it will be really good for you.” And as I looked at this kitchen there was the huge bag filled with fruit,  I walked in by the sink I took a knife and sliced it though. I made wedges and picked one up with my hands thinking of the time it had been, yes a month not one single bite. I put the slice all in my mouth, flooding my dry  tounge, curled my toes as I bit and swallowed the pulp of much needed nutrion I had to have. Not since I had left my southern home, had I tasted one single bite of food I was use to. I picked up the next, biting down, thinking this is the greatest gift any man could ever think to do for a woman, keeping away from showing any fear, and coming to help get out of nightmare that held me for almost all of my long years. 
                Now it’s been only a while and everyday since,  a dream we think we are living, the things in common, and small details, make this new and really interesting, no thoughts could be bad. Living again now , my chins up, and no scoul. And then he called me Peach,  cause I help him here the best I know how. And get this,  do you know, he’s even a vegan just cool are we. We sit and we play chess because here there’s no stress or worrys. We enjoy each other’s time. I hope it goes by slowly.
                 I think about that orange, and how it’s never gonna leave my mind. It left an an impression of how everything is, how come, and what is, why. And just like meeting a real hero,  I was electrifyed. Just like understanding love, peace and freedom for the very first real time.

Peach Sunnyside


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  1. I enjoyed reading this. I am sorry that you had to go through what you did when you went to California. I worried every day about you. I haven’t worried one day since that fine person came and rescued you. I am grateful to him, and feel so much better for you and your situation. I love you.


    On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 3:23 AM, Peach Sunnyside wrote:

    > peachsunnyside posted: ” I never really liked oranges. Sometimes luck > would have it, I might end up with one that’s kinda dry, Or its just not > ripe enough, or have a bug in it, it was getting me quite grumpy. I didn’t > even like the taste of orange candy when I” >


    1. Yeah, we get along so good, he’s a sweet boy he really is I’m really lucky. What is up with mad is she ok? I been looking at her fb and I’m just like….whaaa


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